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Fetty Ain't In The Clear Yet

Fetty Wap is facing requirements to turn over his bank records as well as his DNA as part of his probation following his time served in prison

Fetty Wap's troubles do not appear as if they will be ceasing after he serves his time in prison, unfortunately.

According to TMZ, the "My Way" rapper has been ordered by the U.S. Probation Department to turn over his bank records and tax records after he completes his 6-year prison sentence, as well as been barred from opening any new bank accounts without being approved to beforehand.

What's more, Wap must submit to any and all search and seizures of everything he owns if they deemed necessary. Finally, he must give a sample of his DNA to his probation officer so that it many be added to the CODIS, or Combined DNA Index System.

Fetty Wap was recently sentenced to six years in prison for participating in an drug ring based in Long Island, NY, in which he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distributing at least 500 grams of cocaine. He almost recieved a longer sentence due to prosecutors arguing that Wap had been using his status as well as his hit song "Trap Queen" to "glamorize the drug trade".

No one can say for certain if this is the last we will hear of Fetty Wap, or if his time in prison as well as his extensive probation requirements will lead him to drastically alter his public image, but regardless of what comes next for the Jersey rapper, one can reasonably doubt that people will stop vibing with his rendition of "Sweet Yamz".


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