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First Rolling Stone, Now Ye

The HBO-drama The Idol has recently come to an end, but not without throwing shade at Kanye West's antisemitism

HBO's controversial drama-series The Idol came to an end this past Sunday (July 2nd), but not without including a reference to Kanye West's past bigoted behavior.

In a scene from the finale episode, fictional pop star and main character Jocelyn (played by Lily Rose-Depp) is arguing with her management team about going on tour again, to which they feel to be a bad idea. In an attempt to affirm her position, Jocelyn then declares "You know f*cking Kanye was filling arenas until he decided to start following Adolf Hitler."

Ye has not offered a response towards The Idol referencing him, which may in part be due to larger-effort to be mostly absent in the public. Photos of the rapper out and about with his family have popped up in the months since his antisemitic rants that landed him in hot-water with the public and his sponsors, and his "apology" to the Jewish community in the form of him claiming that he had learned the error in his behavior from watching Jonah Hill in the film 21 Jump Street only served to leave people more confused.

At the moment, West is contending with a lawsuit being issued by three teachers from his school "Donda Academy", who claim that they had been fired based on racial-biases. West has denied this being the case as well as him being at all involved.

What could say the The Idol of all shows poking fun at Kanye West's problematic behavior is rather ironic given reports of the program allegedly having a toxic and chaotic production that included the firing of the show's original director Amy Seimetz, numerous reshoots/rewrites, questionable behavior from one of the series characters and co-creators The Weeknd/Abel Tesfaye, and the filming of some rather graphic, overly-provocative scenes.

Tesfaye, as well as fellow creator Sam Levinson and co-star Depp, have all since denied such allegations; however, reactions to the The Idol's run from viewers across social media have not bode well for the series. as well as on rating-platforms like Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb.

Currently, the show appears to have been renewed for a second season, but between it's harsh reception and the ongoing writer's strike in the film/T.V. industry, the actual state of The Idol is up in the air.


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