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Flashing Some New Pearly Whites

Chrisean Rock now has a full set of teeth after a successful dental-operation from a celebrity dentist

Chrisean Rock, rapper and on-again off-again girlfriend to Blueface, has been notable in the public-sphere in parts due to her turbulent relationship and being apparently prone to getting into scuffles. One she was involved in the past was actually the cause for her losing a tooth; a distinguishing-feature that now seems to be erased thanks to a dentist visit.

On Tuesday (Apr. 18th), Rock posted an Instagram video of her showing off a full set of teeth, with a caption in which she thanks LA-based celebrity dentist Dr. Trevor J. Thomas for his work. Dr. Thomas also confirmed to TMZ that the operation is permanent, unlike the tooth-replacement she previously used that could be removed. Chrisean also did not receive an X-ray in her appointment, likely due to her being pregnant with Blueface's child.

Check out the Instagram video here:

The cause of Rock's tooth loss dates back to her first appearance in Blueface's reality show Blue Girl's Club in 2020, in which several women share a mansion and compete for the affection for the "Thotiana" rapper. Rock had been in several fights while on the show, but one in which she fought Jaidyn Alexis, ex-girlfriend and mother to Blueface's children, lead to Rock slipping and falling into a small statue and losing a tooth.

Rock's missing tooth could be considered by some what as one of the more distinct details to her, but now that she has a permanent-replacement, perhaps one could interpret this as partly a means for the Baltimore rapper to move on from the chaotic-aspects of her life and embrace a new stage. One cannot be certain of any of this, but we can assume that Rock must appreciate having a full set of pearly whites again.


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