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Food Stamps Over Soulja?

Soulja Boy was rather displeased to the say the least with how people in a video answered in choosing between dinner with him or $250 in food stamps

Soulja Boy is not too happy.

Recently, 856 Entertainment posted on their Instagram presenting women on the street being asked if they would rather receive $250 in food stamps, or have dinner with the "Crank That" rapper. Unfortunately for Soulja, all of those questioned said they would rather have the money, with some even throwing some shade at the rapper in their responses.

Soulja of course responded, going into a rant in an Instagram post that among a number of expletives included Soulja remarking that none of the street-interviewees could have had dinner with the "Pretty Boy Swag" rapper if they wanted too and a threat to blow up New Jersey, the state in which 856 is based in.

Calling Soulja's response an overreaction may be accurate, but perhaps it is not unreasonable to be a bit upset with people choosing food stamp money over you on top of insulting you.

Then again, some may argue that the choices may not require as much deliberation as the "500k or dinner with Jay-Z" question that became a grand subject of debate on social media in 2021.


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