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"For All The Dogs" On The Way???

A clip of Drake singing along to a Kanye song may also serve as a hint at the rapper's upcoming album

Drake recently took to Instagram to show his appreciation to Kanye West as well as potentially hint at an upcoming album.

In an IG story posted on Sunday (July 2nd), Drake shared a video of himself in front of a mirror singing-along to West's single "Through The Wire" and showing off his watch. The Toronto star is also showing off a sweatshirt displaying puppies that are also featured in an ad promoting his new poetry book, Titles Ruin Everything.

The dogs also appear to be tied to the name of Drake's upcoming album For All The Dogs.

Drake and Kanye had a well-known feud that spanned for years, up until they apparently buried the hatchet in 2021 to collaborate in the "Free Larry Hoover" concert in Los Angeles. Since then, the two seem to have generally put the past behind them.

That is, however, until earlier this year when Drake referenced Ye and Kim Kardashian's divorce through sampling audio from the reality-show Keeping Up with the Kardashians in his recent-single "Search & Rescue". In it, Kim can be heard sharing her feelings to her mother Kris Jenner regarding her and West's split.

Neither Kanye nor Kim Kardashian gave any kind of response to them being mentioned in Drake's song, with the former likely staying silent as part of an effort to clean up his public image due to his past problematic behavior.

A release date for Drake's For All The Dogs has yet to officially announced.


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