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Former Bieber Manager Scores QC

Scooter Braun, recognized for managing Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, and Ariana Grande, has acquired the Quality Control music label in a lucrative deal

Scooter Braun, recognized in the music industry for his entrepreneurial-ventures and his managing of artists like Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, and Ariana Grande, has recently bought the major music label Quality Control Music (QC). His company, HYBE America, announced its acquisition of QC on Wednesday (Feb. 8th) for a reported price of around $300 million. QC is considered to be one of the biggest labels in the hip hop industry, serving as the home to notable artists such as Lil Baby, The City Girls, and Migos. Braun argues that QC is more than a music company, however, that the label allows its artists to serve as "voices of their communities".

The purchasing of Quality Control by Braun is certainly a major development in the music industry, but the new owner and HYBE America head may have to contend with some of the baggage that came with his deal. QC has been in an ongoing-feud with its Migos-member and client Offset, with the rapper having confronted the company over ownership of his music and vocally-expressing his discontent over social media. A settlement appeared to have been made according to the artist, but QC recently accused Offset of breaking his NDA-contract with the company and has demanded the rapper's suit against QC to be dropped. A statement has yet to have been made regarding the legal-battle by Braun or HYBE since the QC-acquisition.


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