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Ghostface Killah, “The Deadbeat Dad”, His Son Claims.

Wu-Tang Clan legend Ghosteface Killah, apparently ghosted his son Infinite Cole for the last 15 years according to a heartfelt instagram post put up by Cole expressing his grievances from his absent father.

“I haven’t had a full conversation with you or seen you in over 15 years!” Cole wrote on an instagram post Wednesday, May 24th.

It’s disappointing to hear considering the rapper’s highly respected career and recent success on Kendrick Lamar’s latest album. The deadbeat dad's allegations were backed by screenshots of Cole’s conversations (or what few of them are) between him and his father.The screenshots depicted over a dozen unanswered messages from Cole to Ghostface. The text, which consisted of happy holidays or pleads to answer, all remained unanswered.

Cole claims that he doesn’t believe his father’s ignorance has any correlation to Cole’s

homosexuality because GhostFace apparently “is a deadbeat to all of his kids”, Cole Claims.

Although the Wu-Tang legend has yet to respond publically, hopefully the two can come together to squash this unfortunate situation.


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