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Gillie & Wallo Getting Torn Up

Gillie Da Kid and Wallo receive criticism over their accused lack of effort put into denouncing Barstool founder Dave Portnoy's comments towards Angel Reese

Podcasters Gillie Da Kid and Wallo, hosts of Million Dollaz Worth Of Game, have been under a bit of fire on social media from being accused of choosing their brand over defending LSU college basketball player Angel Reese, not long after Reese was called "classless" and a "piece of sh*t" by Barstools founder Dave Portnoy.

In response to Portnoy's comments, which have been criticized for being racially-motivated, Gillie and Wallo posted a video of them stating that the pair does not support Portnoy's behavior and while they have a licensing deal with Barstool, the two podcasters entirely-own their show.

Their denouncement, however, has not been seen as satisfactory by some on social media.

Check out Gillie Da Kid and Wallo's response here:

Not long after their posted response, users across Twitter began accusing Gillie and Wallo of whitewashing their denouncing of Portnoy due to their ties to Barstool. Claims have also circulated accusing the two of having failed to step up to defend Black women in an instance where one was needlessly insulted.

Some of the responses include:

While Gillie Da Kid and Wallo may have held back on their defense of Angel Reese, some were much more explicit in their disgust towards Portnoy's comments; one of whom being Shaq.

In a response to Portnoy's original tweet calling out Reese, the basketball legend state succinctly "and so is your mother".

Portnoy has yet to respond to Gillie and Wallo's video or Shaq's tweet, but in the meantime, perhaps one can view responses to the Barstool founder's behavior as clear contrast of what to do and not do when a Black woman is unjustly-criticized.


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