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Google Hyping Up Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne disputes his net worth described by Google, delving into how the value ascribed to him is off from how he perceives himself

In a recent interview with Culture Millennials, Lil Wayne spoke on his listed net worth of $160 million on Google, claiming that it is actually far off from how much he is actually worth.

However, contrary to what some may assume, Weezy actually does not believe himself to be worth more than that amount. In fact, he claims that his worth is far less.

Watch the clip from the interview here

"Honestly, I’m gonna let everybody know now," Wayne stated, "When you go check a motherf***er’s net worth and that s**t be saying some crazy numbers, I don’t have a cent close to that s**t. Yeah, I don’t have that, but I guess they be meaning that’s what I’m worth."

"I’m like I’m a zillion dollar n***a on Google bro … It’s motivation, that’s all. It’s just motivation."

Not often do we see celebrities dispute their net worth being presented from other sources as being far more than what they personally believe their monetary worth to be, but perhaps Wayne is claiming to be more concerned with his worth as a person than in dollars.

Regardless, Google may need to update their search result on this Weezy factoid.


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