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Gucci Lying About Self-Defense Killing?

The former manager to the hit rapper and record executive has alleged that Gucci Mane did not take Pookie Loc's life

Hit rapper Gucci Mane lied about killing Pookie Loc, according to former manager Debra Antney. Antney, mother of Waka Flocka Flame and formerly management to artists like Nicki Minaj and French Montana, alleged on the Ugly Money Podcast that Gucci Mane was deceitful about his role in the death of Henry Lee Clark III, aka Pookie Loc, who was an associate to Mane's old rival Jeezy. "Technically, you really didn’t kill anybody...Think about your kids looking at you a certain kind of way of something that’s fictitious. It was done for rap.”

Clark died by gunshot wound in May of 2005 from robbery attempt made by him and three others on Gucci Mane's property in Georgia while the rapper was visiting. The home invasion led to a physical confrontation that was followed by shots fired, resulting in the men fleeing the scene and Clark dying from his injuries days later. Gucci Mane was arrested for Pookie Loc's death, but charges were dropped on account of a lack of evidence. Mane admitted that he fired at Clark and the other assailants, but insists that the act was in self-defense. Clark's death escalated the tension between Gucci Mane and rival rapper Jeezy, who had a confrontation over their collaboration on the song "Icy" that developed into bad blood between the two for years. In his 2015 song "Forgive Me", Jeezy denied rumors of him sending Pookie Loc to rob Gucci Mane.


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