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Gunna OTW

Gunna recently teased his return to making music following his release from jail due to the YSL-RICO case

After spending months away from the public-sphere since serving several months of jailtime for his part in the YSL-RICO case, Gunna seems to be on his way to releasing music again.

Such news comes from him posting a bit of unreleased music on his Instagram story as well as stopping by an IG post from Gunna fanpage to comment "I'm OTW" followed by a blue "P" emoji, a signature sign from the Atlanta rapper.

Fans responded to Gunna's surprise comment with pleas for more info on any new music, expressing their great anticipation for a new album.

Gunna faced negative-criticism over going through with a plea-deal, being accused to be a snitch and traitor to his fellow YSL-artists as he accepted the deal and admitting the organization to be a gang.

However, some have speculated that Young Thug, who is currently behind-bars as the case undergoes its jury-selection process, may not have strong-feelings against his fellow YSL-artist for his choices after fans noticed that Thug's Instagram profile had included a link Gunna's latest album DS4EVER once again. Young Thug has yet to provide an official response to Gunna's choice to accept his plea-deal.


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