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Gunplay's Got All The Smoke For Envy

Gunplay made a vocal challenge to DJ Envy recently, calling on the podcaster to step into the ring with him for a boxing match

Rapper Gunplay and podcast-host DJ Envy's feud with one another is no secret, but the former seems as if he wants to try to put their beef with one another to rest through going a few rounds in the ring.

The We In Miami podcast recently (June 11th) shared a snippet for an upcoming episode (June 12th) in which Gunplay called on Envy to "put on the gloves," before affirming that he wants to box The Breakfast Club co-host.

"We could do it and raise some money for charity, or whatever. He took a jab at my daughter’s situation, and had my wife pretty hurt about it," the former MMG rapper stated.

Gunplay's wife, Vonshae Taylor-Morales, was also present for the podcast and gave her thoughts on the situation, as well as confirming that she and Gunplay will be taking legal action towards Envy.

"I’ve been seeing a therapist about all this...I got the phone call from my father — my father listens to [The Breakfast Club] morning show — and he was like, ‘Is there a problem? Do I need to go up there about my granddaughter?’ And I’m like, what’s going on?", Taylor-Morales explained.

Continuing: "You need to learn your lesson...You can’t just get onto this type of platform with your voice and your followers and say anything that you want. People come at you and not realize what you’re going through at that time."

The beef between Gunplay and Envy began when the podcaster mentioned the former having set up GoFundMe to help pay for his child's medical bills in his other feud with the rapper Rick Ross. Gunplay did not appreciate this, and took to demanding an apology via phone call from Envy.

However, Gunplay would go on to leak the phone call online, which may spell legal trouble for the "Power Circle" rapper since recording private phone calls in Florida without a person's consent is illegal.

Whether or not either individuals will see any legal punishment is currently up in the air, but given the popularity of boxing events featuring microcelebrities, a pay-per-view show presenting Gunplay and Envy donning gloves and stepping into the ring may honestly be on the horizon.


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