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Half Of Deuces Wild Duo Behind Bars

Detroit rapper Crème has been sentenced behind bars for a multi-million tax fraud scheme

Detroit rapper Crème, real name Sameerah Marrell, has recently been sentenced to over four years in prison for participating in a multi-million tax fraud scheme. According to Detroit News (, Marrell, along with her musical-partner Noelle "Nikki" Brown in the rap duo Deuces Wild, garnered about $14 million from the IRS and close to $15 million from six different state treasuries from 2014-2022 from filing over a hundred false claims for income tax refunds to the federal institution and to the treasuries.

in 2021, both Marrell and Brown were arrested in Memphis, Tennessee on charges of aggravated identity theft, false claims, and conspiracy after a bench warrant was issued for her missing her court date.

Marrell currently owes almost $8 million in restitution after having her money, cars, and other properties seized by the federal government. Brown has yet to receive a sentence for her part in the fraud scheme.


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