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Harlow's Favs

Jack Harlow shared some of his favorite albums while in an interview with Rap Radar, mentioning Drake, JAY-Z, and Outkast

After hearing some of his favorites, rap and hip-hop fans may or may not find Jack Harlow more valid as a artist.

While appearing on Rap Radar for an interview, the "First Class" rapper shared some of his favorite albums of the genre, citing the works of artists like Kanye West, JAY-Z, and Outkast.

"Late Registration, Aquemini, Nothing Was The Same...I love Blueprint, you know what album I love? When Fish Ride Bicycles by The Cool Kids…I love the Cool Kids. Cool Kids give me all that bounce and tempo that I like," Harlow shared in the interview.

Check out the interview here:

Harlow also claimed later in the interview that rappers like Drake, J. Cole, and Kendrick Lamar are contributing to a time where rap music sounds "nostalgic", causing listeners to reminisce on times where "things were a little better".

"You hear Drake’s voice come on in the club and it almost reminds you of 2012, which was a great time. It reminds you of 2016, which was a great time...It’s almost if we’re living in a time where people feel like this era isn’t special enough to stamp anything as timeless or classic as if the time of classic shit. It already happened," Harlow explained.

Harlow's third and most recent album, Jackman, released last April to somewhat of a mixed reception. This serves as somewhat of a contrast to the reaction to his second project Come Home The Kids Miss You, which managed to score a 3rd spot on Billboard's Top 200 as well as a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Album. Harlow also most recently starred as Jeremy in the Hulu-produced remake of the film "White Men Can't Jump", which released to largely-negative reviews.


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