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He's Gunna Fight It Out

Amidst the YSL-RICO trial and accusations of snitching, Gunna recently released a snippet of a new track that appears to express the rapper's current state of mind

Accusations of snitching have been plaguing rapper Gunna ever since he pleaded guilty to a conspiracy racketeering charge as part of the ongoing YSL-RICO case, but the Georgia rapper recently took to social media to hint at what's to come from the YSL artist.

In a now-expired Instagram story, Gunna shared a snippet of a new upcoming song where he appears to be sharing his thoughts regarding the events surrounding YSL and how he has been viewed throughout the ordeal.

In the short clip, he raps: "Heard the rumors said I’m packing up and flying out/We ain’t going nowhere I’m staying here, gone fight it out/I meant like f**k it/Let’s just give these n***as dark clouds/Been gone for months And I just keep seeing these dark clouds."

Listen to the snippet below:

Rumors have spread since February regarding Gunna aiming to leave YSL in search of a new label, though the Gunna clip seems to suggest that the rapper is not planning to depart yet, at least perhaps until the RICO trial comes to a close.

The YSL-RICO case is expected to last for at least 6-9 months, with several dedicated to just narrowing down the official jurors for the trial.


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