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Hova Offers His Wisdom

In a rare interview, JAY-Z provided reasoning as to why Beyoncé deserved to win Album Of The Year for Renaissance

In special interview obtained by Tidal (, JAY-Z provided his thoughts as to why he believed Beyoncé's Renaissance deserved to win Album Of The Year. "Look what it's done to the culture...Look how the energy of the world moved," he remarked. "Everyone’s inspired. It has inspired the world." To make his point, Hova pulled out his phone and played Suga Free's "I'd Rather Give You My Bitch", claiming that he had heard a remix to the track at a party that included Queen Bey's vocals. "When it just inspires creativity, that’s an album. That has to be Album of the Year. It has to be," he concluded.

Bey unfortunately did not walk away with the coveted award, losing it to Harry Styles and his Harry's House album. Fans of Beyoncé vocally-expressed their displeasure of the result both at the award show itself and over social media. While she did not garner the one accolade many expected her to be given, the iconic artist did snag enough awards to earn herself the title of the most awarded single artist in Grammy history, with 32 wins now under her belt.


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