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Hova Says NO

JAY-Z had to set some boundaries with a fan while enjoying a Beyoncé concert

Celebrities tend to value their privacy, especially when they are out having fun with their family. JAY-Z is no exception, and for one fan, he made that point rather clear.

While in-attendance to a Beyoncé concert in Toronto’s Rogers Centre this past Saturday (July 8th) for the artist's Renaissance Tour, a fan took notice of Hova really vibing with his wife's performance of "Before I Let Go", even dancing with his mother Gloria Carter.

Seeing an opportunity to catch the Roc Nation executive on camera, a fan chose to record JAY-Z having a good time; that is, until JAY turned around and took notice of being on camera.

Without a word spoken, the "APESHIT" rapper simply raised a finger, prompting the fan behind the camera to stop filming. The footage included a caption from the fan reading "Caught JAY-Z on 4K but then he caught me."

JAY-Z has experience shutting down some over-eager fans in the past, such as one instance where he brushed away someone who placed their arm around his shoulder while he was watching a Los Angeles Lakers game with his daughter Blue Ivy.

Needless to say, like any other celebrity, JAY-Z values his privacy and reasonably would like to not be filmed without his consent. Some may argue that the very nature of being a celebrity is allowing for yourself to be filmed and your photos to be taken, as that is a quality one such status adopts when being a notable-name in the entertainment/music industry.

Those opposed to such a perception likely claim that just because someone like JAY-Z is out in public and is well-recognized, that does not entail that their lives are an open-book to be recorded and viewed by anyone.

Regardless of what the argument, no can deny that JAY-Z, as well as Beyoncé, are both well-known to be very private individuals, likely due to their immense-popularity that they've accrued over their careers. If one was as much of a household name as either them, perhaps preferring a camera to not be spying on them as they had some fun is not too tall of an order to ask.


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