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Island Boys Comin' For The Doggfather???

Snoop Dogg has finally issued a response to Island Boy member Flyysoulja after the latter made some threats to the Doggfather in late 2021

Last year, the Island Boy duo-member Flyysoulja issued some threats to West Coast legend Snoop Dogg, and about a year later the Doggfather has finally responded.

The threats came after Snoop and Kevin Hart joked about the Island Boys while on Peacock's 21 and Done special, with the former stating "I'm speechless...Two goofballs in the pool … I don’t know and ain’t tryna understand it."

Flyysoulja did not seem to take too kindly to Snoop's reaction, declaring in a message to the Death Row rapper that "If he were to say that to me in real life, on sight I would fade...I would beat his ass. I swear to God on everything in my life I would. I swear to God, if I ever see him it’s on sight."

Not long after the message, the Island Boys provided an apology to Snoop for their words against the him. "All love, Snoop Dogg. He’s an inspiration and he kinda put me down with the way he was talking about me. At the end of the day, I am a human being and I feel like he tried. Alright, Snoop Dogg," Flyysoulja stated.

Despite all that has occurred, Snoop appeared to be rather silent throughout this situation up until this past Wednesday (June 7th), in which he shared a video of Flyysoulja issuing his threats to the "Gin and Juice" rapper and seemed amused at what he was seeing and hearing.

"I don’t want no [smoke] wit cuz," Snoop wrote in the post's caption, including some crying face emojis.

Clearly Snoop did not seem all that daunted by what the Island Boys were dishing out, given that not only did he get a laugh out of Flyysoulja's statements, but for a whole year, he appeared to be completely out of the loop of him even being threatened in the first place; an appropiate example of someone, intentionally or not, protecting their peace.


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