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J. Cole Pandering?

Joe Budden has some not-too-kind words regarding J. Cole, questioning the rapper's validity and calling him out on collaborating with K-Pop star J-Hope

On the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, the titular-host threw out some nasty accusations towards rapper J. Cole regarding some of his latest music.

Budden and his co-hosts were discussing public figures in their latest episode before the topic of Cole came up, in which Budden proceeded to accuse the rapper as "pandering" to fans in regards to the conception of his song "Procrastination (Broke)".

According to J. Cole, he had been struggling with inspiration before he came across the instrumental of a Brooklyn-based producer named Bvtman on YouTube. From there, The Dreamville artist was able to concoct a track through collaborating with Bvtman.

However, Joe Budden does not seem to buy Cole's story.

"He got a bag for that YouTube trick he pulled on y’all, too. I found out that the guy who just so happened to do the ‘J Cole type beat’ … He’s like the most popular producer on YouTube," Budden claims.

Continuing, he states "Nothing wrong. Y’all swear I hate people. I don’t. And I love J. Cole, so don’t start that. But the story that they put out versus what’s really happening. Like, stop. I’m just not stupid...I can see through what your publicist in pumping into you. I can see what your lawyer is pumping into you. What your label, A&R is pumping in you. I can see through that stuff."

Other comments regarding Cole from Budden circulated the news recently in regards to the rapper collaborating with K-Pop star and BTS-member J-Hope. on the song "On The Street".

Budden called out Cole for pandering on this collaboration as well, claiming "This is why people pander, by the way, because it works. ‘Let’s land the K-Pop star/J. Cole merger.’"

"My point ain’t about whether I like it creatively or not. My point is just recognizing what it is", the podcast host declared, as he marched around the set of the show holding a whiteboard with the word "COONS" written on it.


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