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Ja, What Are Ya Doin?

Ja Rule pulled off a little stunt while on stage performing this past weekend, but 50 Cent seemed to find it more funny than impressive

Ja Rule's attempt to add some spice to his show has not been met with the praise he was likely expecting, and 50 Cent is happy to make that rather clear.

This past weekend, the Queens rapper made an appearance at Nelly's Hot In Herre Festival, and rather than simply hitting the stage to perform his set, Ja decided to add his own spin to it.

Ja would be pushed onto the stage in a stretcher, with the sound of a heartbeat playing on the speakers, before suddenly rising up as if he is awakening from a coma and declaring over a mic "Ayo, let these n*ggas know who I am. I’m one of the three, n*gga!"

Off the stretcher and on his feet, Ja would then begin rapping one his hits "Livin' It Up"

While Ja may have believed in the moment that his bit of theatrics successfully hyped up the crowd, some online were not as impressed with the rapper's idea; one being 50 Cent.

On Instagram, 50 made a post presenting an image of artist Ginuwine pulling of the same stretcher-bit years prior, mocking Ja's attempt at recreating the moment.

Other across social media also took the opportunity to pile on to making fun of Ja's intro to his performance, with some also referencing Ginuwine doing it first.

Perhaps people would not be poking fun at Ja Rule's stretcher-stunt if it had not already been done in the past, but considering the beef between him and 50 Cent that has spanned over 20 years now, we should not be surprised if the latter would still throw shade at Ja if another pre-performance bit was attempted in the future.


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