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Soft era music for the fam

Jhene Aiko Releases New Album For You And Your Baby

Grammy-nominated R&B artist Jhené Aiko has had a new album release, titled Sleep Soul Relaxing R&B Baby Sleep Music Vol.2 Presented by Jhené Aiko serves as a follow-up to her first Sleep Soul album which released March of last year. The latest album continues with the goal of the first project of providing soothing R&B beats combined with tranquil ambiance set by brown, pink, and white noise, all encapsulated within 20-tracks produced by Aiko herself. Sleep Soul Vol. 1 and 2 can both be found on Spotify as well as the sleep and meditation focused app, Calm.

Having just become a mother alongside romantic partner and popular rapper Big Sean, Aiko hopes this album succeeds in putting parents and their children to sleep (in a good way, of course). Aiko states, "As a mom of a newborn, I can really appreciate anything that helps me and my baby boy get to sleep...Being a part of a project like this is important to me because I believe sleep is essential for the well being of both parent and child."


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