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Jim Jones Ain't Done Yet

Jim Jones' shade against Pusha T and No Malice continues with him throwing more jabs at the pair while on Joe Budden's podcast

Jim Jones' beef against the Clispe duo Pusha T and No Malice has yet to cease, as made evident with his comments on The Joe Budden Podcast.

The rivalry seemingly began with Jones vehemently disagreeing with his fellow Bronx rapper being among Billboard's Top 50 Rappers of All Time list, declaring on the Rap Caviar podcast that Pusha "hold[s] no weight" and is not notable enough to belong on such a ranking.

Check out Jim Jones' take on Pusha here:

Pusha may taken notice of the disparaging comments by Jones, and his alleged-response would arrive months later with an unreleased Clispe song that premiered at the recent Louis Vuitton show at Paris Fashion Week. The track appeared to have taken shots at Jones, referencing his beef with Drake as well as his story with reality T.V. and allegedly-owning fake jewelry.

The "RICH HUSTLE" clearly took notice, responding to Pusha with his own track titled "Summer Collection", in which he took more shots at the "Diet Coke" rapper.

Most recently, however, Jones called into the latest episode of Joe Budden's podcast, discussed his lyrical-duel with Pusha T, sounding rather amicable to the "Mercy" artist by calling the exchange "fun and games"; that is, until Jones shot off more disses towards Pusha and Malice.

"Who’s gonna spin the block for him? Is Pharrell gonna spin the block for him? Is Malice gonna say a prayer? Who’s gonna spin the block for him?" Jones asked.

"I’m talking about musically, too. I ain’t talking about thug sh*t — we already know I can do that. Who he got that’s gon’ spin the block for him? Malice is a preacher who works at Walmart."

Speaking about Pusha specifically: "That n*gga’s a worker. He’s still not a boss. He still has to answer to everybody in his circle."

Jones than stated that the toxicity between him and Clispe is a "rap battle" rather than some "rap beef", declaring that "This is about pure music and styling, and he don’t got it. You always wanted to be a New York n-gga; you from VA, the suburbs."

Pusha T and No Malice have yet to respond to Jones' most recent comments, but given what has been said already, one can guess that another volley of disses is on the way to maintain the brewing feud.


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