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Kehlani's New Music Video for "Next 2 U" Shows Her Support for Palestine

By: Vanesta CeToute

Kehlani, the well-known singer-songwriter, has once again captivated audiences with her latest music video release for her song, "Next to U." Known for her soulful voice and R&B vibe, Kehlani takes a bold step forward in shedding light on the ongoing conflict in Palestine through her art. They are one of the few artists in the music industry who have used their platform to educate others and their fans on what's happening on the other side of the world. Though "Next to U" can easily be depicted as a love song, Kehlani used their art to showcase and present more than one meaning. In their eyes, a love song is a protector's song.

Credit: Twitter @Kehlani

Although they admitted to being scared prior to the release of the video the message delivered was important to the artist as they have been continuously vocal about the ongoing situation between Israel and Palestine. They wrote in an Instagram post, "as an artist, i was nervous. terrified. worried after losing so much of what id valued for an album i worked incredibly hard on to my humanity, paired with the crippling wonder of what music is appropriate to drop during the most historical tragedies of our generation. i remembered my favorite revolutionary poets, singers, filmmakers. i remembered how much impact we have. i thought about my favorite James Baldwin quotes about the role of an artist in society. i listened to this song enough to recognize a love song IS a protectors song IS revolution."

While watching the music video, viewers can see Kehlani and their dancers dancing with the Palestine flag in the background and waving in their hands as they dance.

Kehlani wraps up the music video by urging viewers to click the Al Jazeera link provided in the video's description box. This link offers a glimpse into the lives of the children who tragically lost their lives—an amount so vast that it couldn't be fully displayed in the music videos remaining time. Watch "Next 2 U" below.


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