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Kendrick Lamar Drops "Euphoria" A Fiery Diss Track Aimed at Drake

Updated: May 23

By Vanesta CeToute

It's very rare someone admits they're a hater or they hate certain qualities about a specific person. However for Kendrick, rarity is to be expected!

After what may have seemed like forever to rap enthusiast locked into the Kendrick Lamar and Drake battle, Kendrick woke up Tuesday morning and chose to fire back at the Canadian rapper with a response entitled "Euphoria." K-Dot displayed the definition of the work on the track's cover art,

"Euphoria a feeling of well-being or Elation. Apparently, it is the change in mood- the feeling of Euphoria and reduced anxiety-- that prompts people to start using this dangerous drug."

Image Twitter | @Dexerto

Kendrick starts things off pretty slowly (beat included) and after the one minute mark the beat picks up and so does his tempo and tone. Throughout the 6:24 diss track, listeners hear Kendrick admitting that he hates many things about his opponent. He states, "I hate the way that you walk, the way that you talk, I hate the way you sneak diss." The Compton native spared no feelings as he continued to dish it all. He spoke on incidents such as Pusha T and Drake's Feud, Drake's "alleged" liposuction, the rapper as a father and his feelings towards the rapper's sincerity when it comes to black culture.

For now Drake has not responded directly, however he was seen liking an image that referenced the new diss track. Both fans and celebrities alike caught wind of the diss track earlier in the day, and quickly ran to social media to express their feelings and of course share their own two cents. Check out some of the funniest viral tweets relating to Euphoria.

Listen to Euphoria below.


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