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Kevin Hart Launches 'Gran Coramino': Reposado A New Tequila Brand Masterfully Crafted

By: Vanesta CeToute

Kevin Hart has added yet another accomplishment to his list of accolades. The actor, comedian, and executive producer now has a tequila brand under his belt. He recently spoke with Complex about the new venture and his drinking style since he is now older. During the interview, we learned Hart enjoys drinking in the comfort of his own home and likes his tequila in various ways such as straight, on the rocks, and neat. 

When asked about the difference between his drinking habits then and now he stated, "Of course. I think the younger years of drinking were attached to almost drinking for sport to some degree, right? You're out and it's just trying to see how much you can drink and how fast you can drink it. And I think the older you get, of course you slow down a little bit and you become a little more responsible. And there's this concept attached to drinking that your younger years are about getting sloshed or getting to the point of no return.

I think as you get older, you realize that there's an amazing synergy and energy that you can find in great groups, great environments with great conversation. And a leisure-like opportunity within having a drink. It's a celebration or celebratory moment, A mixture of after work or pre-dinner or after dinner night caps. There's a lot of different ways to partake in the space, a place of drinking, but for me, my younger years was just [about the] party and it was party hard."

Truthfully many millennials may share the same sentiments, as time goes by drinking becomes a bit more of a preference and leisure activity. According to Gran Coramino, the new reposado is "aged for months in American and French white oak barrels before expertly blended with Extra Añejo Tequila matured in brandy barrels which adds complexity and subtle sweetness".

If you're up to add another Tequila to your "To Try List" Kevin Hart's may be for you. The new reposado, which is made from 100% Blue Weber agave and aged in American and French white oak barrels, is available at retailers and over at Happy drinking! *responsibly of course.


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