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Kevo Wants His Bread

Bandman Kevo claims that he is due a hefty sum of money from Gunna after their collaboration got shelved

Chicago rapper Bandman Kevo is demanding that he gets paid by Gunna for their collaboration that ended up getting shelved before the latter was arrested for the YSL-RICO case.

Kevo had previously claimed that he had paid Gunna $250k for their collaboration before the arrest, demanding at the time that he be refunded the money or else he would issue a lawsuit against the former YSL-rapper.

On Twitter, Kevo declared "I paid gunna last year for a feature 250k And months later he got a caught case which put my feature and everything else got put on hold, just for him to get released and snitch[.] I can’t do a song with dude I need my bread back asap and if they cap im going big lawsuit."

Most recently, however, this refunded amount has grown immensely. Now, Kevo is demanding $5 million from Gunna, with his reasoning given in an interview with Say Cheese! this past Sunday (Apr. 2nd).

Watch a clip of the interview here:

"You got out and his managers still ain’t try to make it no better. They’re like, ‘Ah well, he just got home...Lady, it’s been over a year. You feel me? So it was like they were kinda careless with it. So I’m like, ‘Alright, well shit, you might as well run a bag back," Kevo explained.

When asked if he wanted a refund, Kevo stated that he feels like he deserves even more money than what he initially paid, believing the Gunna collaboration could have been worth so much than $250k.

"I feel like I deserve some real M’s. Who knows where the song could have been before you messed your name up, like $5 million," he remarked.

Gunna has yet to respond to Bandman Kevo's demands, but considering the massive increase from $250k to $5 million, the likelihood of there being some major disputes, possible legal action as well, is about as high as Kevo's new refund demands.


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