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Kim Kardashian's "Bare Face" Photos Draws Questions of Authenticity

Photos of one of the country's biggest socialites with no makeup on have people questioning the authenticity of the Kardashian princess.

Those attentive towards Kim Kardashian's activities, excluding those like her fling with Pete Davidson and drama with her ex Kanye West, likely have also noticed the several posts she's made showing off her makeup-free skin. Through her Instagram stories, Kim shared personal, unedited photos of herself to promote her beauty company, Skkn by Kim. These pics present an unaltered Kim Kardashian, down to the tired eyes and textured skin. However, many have responded to the celebrity's displays of her natural appearance with some skepticism.

Critics of the Kardashian's authenticity were questioned across social media, with many claiming that filters were still being used to mask Kim's actual face, or implying that any natural detail to her appearance is long gone. Justifications given for such accusations include claims that Kim would never allow a beauty campaign to show off her true appearance and such posts that appear to do so on Instagram are just marketing ploys. Regardless, these kinds of comments do not seem to be stopping Kim K in promoting Skkn and keeping her name in public conversation.


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