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Kodak Black Throws Rocks At Photographer, Threatens Reporter After Jail Release

Updated: Mar 2

kodac black

After his release from jail, Kodak Black was caught on camera throwing rocks at a photographer and issuing threats of physical violence towards a reporter. The Florida rapper, who exited Broward County Jail on Wednesday (February 21), engaged in a confrontation with the press shortly thereafter. In a video documented by WPLG Local 10, Kodak is observed hurling rocks at the broadcaster’s photographer while speaking incoherently. Additionally, he made menacing remarks towards a reporter as he departed from the jail premises.

The journalist from Local 10 confirmed that a police report had been lodged against the rapper for his actions outside the jail, as the rocks he hurled caused injury to the camera operator.

Kodak Black, whose real name is Bill Kapri, had been incarcerated since December following his arrest for possession of oxycodone, evidence tampering, and improper parking.

The charge related to drug possession was dropped after prosecutors couldn't verify whether Kodak had a prescription for oxycodone, as he had previously asserted.

The 26-year-old eventually pleaded guilty to a probation violation and was subsequently released after serving his time.

According to the police report, officers approached Kodak’s Bentley in December after noticing it was parked on an active roadway. Upon approaching the vehicle, they claimed to have detected the smell of alcohol. Upon searching the car, they discovered cannabis rolling paper, cannabis residue, and white powder. They also alleged that Kodak's mouth contained white powder.

After being apprehended, in an Instagram Live session, the rapper identified as "Super Gremlin" revealed numerous details about his substance abuse, admitting to spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on rehabilitation.

Discussing his arrest, Kodak Black declared, "I was on the lean, bro. I was sleeping in front of my family's house, man. That's it. That ain't illegal."

He also denied accusations of cocaine use, affirming, "Come on, man. Hell no, bro. Hell no. And I'm not going to say I'm against people who do coke. Man, I'm not into that."

Nevertheless, Kodak did confess to misusing Percocet, which he alleged was prescribed to him following a gunshot wound to his leg in February 2022.


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