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Kodak Defends The Donald

Amidst Donald Trump's arrest over alleged-hush money scandal, Kodak Black takes to Instagram to defend the former president

History was made recently with former U.S. president Donald Trump getting indicted and arrested in Manhattan, NYC over charges of falsifying campaign finance records to hide hush-money payments towards adult film star Stormy Daniels.

While there has of course has already been dozens of opinion-pieces revolving around the matter, Kodak Black of all people may have one of the more...interesting reactions to Trump's arrest.

On Wednesday (Apr. 5), the Florida rapper took to Instagram Live to share his thoughts on the former president's predicament.

"I feel like these people on some other shit...So they know like, they gon’ try to get Trump out the way ’cause Trump a stand-up n-gga, he a real n-gga. He’ll let a bitch do anything … Trump a real n-gga, man, a soldier," he declared.

Continuing: "It ain’t even about no shit about how he snapped for a n-gga, it ain’t even that. ‘Cause you gotta think about it bruh, Trump’s already that n-gga, Trump already had big baggage. I swear to God, luggage...But he ain’t tripping on that, he ain’t flagging … They gon’ fake it ’til they make it. Trump gon’ take it, I don’t like the muthafucka. They about to let Trump run this shit. All that eight years, four years and shit. By the time the new muthafucka get in, there’s so much shit they gon’ try to fix and all that type of shit. Let that man run his course."

Kodak Black has been an open supporter of Donald Trump since being pardoned by the former president in 2021, expressing his thanks and even going as far as to declare in an Instagram video later that year that Trump should be in office "forever".

"I respect that boy logic, setup and whole rundown even if he didn’t free me. When you got muthafuckin’ office for only like four years, that ain’t enough time for a n-gga to run they play and the shit they got to do," he stated.

Kodak opinion on Trump or his arrest probably should not be considered to be the most valid stance to consider when formulating one's own opinion on the former president's current position. However, there is zero-doubt that we are all in the middle of a historic event that of course is bound to reveal the most outrageous of perspectives as Trump's trial proceeds.

Whether you are an average citizen or a major-name like Kodak Black, we are all sharing the seat in watching what may be biggest trial in American history.


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