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Latto Lends A Hand

In a recent interview, Latto spoke of her desire to uplift other female rappers trying to make it in the industry

Latto is aiming to offer as much support as she can to her fellow female artists looking to break into the music industry.

In an interview with Billboard (, the Georgia rapper shared her journey to becoming a hit-artist while still being young in the game, citing support from seasoned heavy-hitters like Queen Latifah, SZA, Lizzo, and Cardi B as being a reason for her desire to provide help herself to others that were once in her position. One of her means in doing so involves not charging up and coming female artists for being on a feature.

She states, "I utilize my power in uplifting others on my way up. When you see Latto do a feature with an upcoming female rapper, I don’t charge them. The label got to cover the glam, but I don’t profit off that."

While Latto's last album, 777, released March 2022 and there has yet to be an announcement of a new project on the way, the rapper did release her first single of 2023 in the form of "Lottery", featuring Congolese singer LU KALA, which has now amassed nearly 3 million views.


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