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Leave Latto Alone

After reposting an old birthday post elicits accusations of throwing shade at Ice Spice, Latto made it clear that she is sick of feuds manufactured by fans

Latto has been having quite a turbulent time on social media as of late, with a public confrontation with female rap legend Nicki Minaj making news months ago and most recently being alleged to have been throwing shade at rising star Ice Spice through a reposted birthday post on Instagram.

The post in question presents Latto in a pose that is similar to one Ice Spice is recognized making in her music videos and concerts, leading to some claiming that the post is a shot at the Bronx drill rapper.

To silence the critics, Latto took to Twitter to make her thoughts known, tweeting "I don’t like how y’all take my tweets & make them fit ur weak ass narratives" in one post and "Every time y’all accuse me of copying folks ima clear it up. Nun mo nun less" in another.

Latto appears to be very uninterested in letting rumors of a beef with a fellow female artist fester, which is a sentiment that tracks with past comments made by the "Lottery" in which she declared that she aims to uplift up-and-coming female rappers to better their chances in making it big in the music industry.

Even if this goal of Latto's was not made known in the past, one can certainly understand the frustration with strangers pitting you against another over a harmless birthday photo.


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