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Lil Durk Keeps Lips Sealed.

Lil Durk’s lips are sealed.

“If you a rat, I f*cking hate you because I love Thug,” Durkio told the Off the Record podcast.

Lil Durk refused to reveal what Young Thug was really looking at in their now-viral 2018 meme. The Chicagorapper made it very clear that the bond between the two is very strong, and he was adamant about not telling.”That’s how you know we won’t snitch on each other,” Durk said.

Photo: Youtube

Later in the interview, Lil Durk discussed his beliefs about the YSL RICO trial and Gunna snitching on his co-defendants. Durk strongly believes in the theory that Gunna snitched on his co-defendants.

Durk wants nothing to do with people who don’t ride for their people.


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