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Lil Durk: Neighborhood Hero

Lil Durk shared on social media the work he's been participating in to provide for his community in Chicago, with some collaboration alongside the mayor of the city.

On Wednesday (Feb. 15), Lil Durk shared a post on Instagram of him and Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot interacting at a special dinner hosted by the rapper (, with the caption reading "If I haven’t been picking up my phone I been busy being a neighborhood hero!"

The event, referred to as "Dinner with Durk", was organized by the Chicago artist's nonprofit organization "Neighborhood Heroes Foundation" to allow 30 high-school students to dine and converse with 5 mayoral candidates to share thoughts on improving the standards of living for their community.

Durk's organization has made some other notable impacts in the name of aiding the disenfranchised and marginalized. In May of 2022, Neighborhood Heroes partnered with the non-profit Chicago Votes to provide 29,000 bottles of hand-sanitizer to Illinois prisoners and correctional facility workers amidst a lack of access to clean water during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic ( Last year Durk's foundation also launched an HBCU college program as a means for students to be exposed to varying career opportunities (


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