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Lil Jon Wants His Bag

The "Get Low" producer may take legal action against Live Nation due to licensing and neglecting his involvement

Lil Jon may be issuing a lawsuit against Live Nation after accusing the company of using his music without his involvement in the last Lovers & Friends Festival. According to TMZ (, Jon's legal team sent a letter to Live Nation on Monday (Jan. 30th) that had the producer demands compensation for the use of the title of his song "Lovers & Friends". Negotiations initially began last year, but due to the event taking place when it had already been rescheduled (where Lil Jon also headlined), the producer's lawyers backed off to prevent causing any issues for the festival.

In more recent talks, one of the hit-producer's lawyers arguing that the artist's 2004 single is what the festival's audience associate the title with more rather than the 1991 Michael Sterling inspiration. Despite further attempts being by his legal team to pursue compensation, sources close to Lil Jon claim that he prefers the matter to be settled without escalating to meeting in court.


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