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Lil Woody Caught Snitching?

Leaked footage of YSL Member Lil Woody speaking to detectives about a supposed murder plot by Young Thug spreads online

Amidst the ongoing YSL-RICO trial, new drama has been added to the fold in the form of a video of YSL-member Lil Woody discussing a murder plot allegedly concocted by Young Thug with detectives. The three and a half hour long footage of the conversation, dated to have taken place in October 2021 ( depicts the rapper speaking to the police in an interrogation regarding Thug and other individuals. Woody, real name Kenneth Copeland, appeared to request assurances from the detectives that his divulging of information would help him in court, to which they responded by telling Copeland that while they could not make such promises, however they would notify the District Attorney of his cooperation.

In the interrogation, Copeland alludes to Young Thug, real name Jeffery Williams, being involved in murder plot, stating "This is a murder that’s about to take place with some very hot people and the stuff that I know right now should help me get out of my situation....I’ll tell y’all this much right here: I know the people who are going to go do it, I can get the time when they’re going to go do it, so y’all can catch them in the act.”

Continuing, Copeland reveals the person being targeted is an individual named Shell Kell, while the one in charge of the hit on Kell's head is described by Copeland to be "obsessed with this guy". When pressed if Thug/Williams is the mind behind the plot, Copeland can be seen nodding his head in agreement.

"This n*gga here so smart, he moving different. It’s hard to keep up with how he moving," Copeland described. "He’s not moving how he used to move … but he wants this n*gga so bad that he’s been reckless."

YSL Woody/Copeland is a convicted felon and gang member who had already served time in prison back in 2018, having also been arrested in October 2021 for driving his girlfriend's car while a loaded gun was inside.

Young Thug awaits his trial after being dealt several charges, including conspiracy to violate the RICO-Act, participation in criminal street gang activity, green-lighting a murder on YFN Lucci, and drug/weapon-related charges.


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