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LSU Hype-Man Boosie

Boosie celebrated LSU's victory at the NCAA national championship in his own special way, including some taunting towards Iowa star Caitlin Clark

Boosie Badazz, being the vocal sports fan that he is, had quite a reaction to Louisiana State University's 102-85 win against Iowa on Sunday (Apr. 2nd). The same day, Boosie took to Instagram to share in the sense of victory.

The Baton Rouge rapper uploaded a video on Instagram depicting him cutting down basketball nets at his home court, as well as another in which he refers to LSU player Jasmine Carson as "LSU Ice Spice" and taunts Iowa star-player Caitlin Clark, whom Boosie seems to refer as Larry Bird's daughter. Bird was a legendary Boston Celtics player recognized for his pinpoint-accurate three-pointer shots.

"Larry Bird, come get ya daughter. Larry Bird, come get ya daughter. They dead. Larry Bird, come get ya damn daughter!" Boosie exclaims in the second video post.

Check out both posts from Boosie here:

The LSU team seem to be just as much fans of Boosie has he is to them, as alluded to in a video of the team rapping along to the rapper's song "Set It Off" as they celebrate their win.

A hearty congratulations is deserved by LSU, and perhaps Boosie is the best individual for relaying that message.


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