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Lul G Doing Hard Time

Former SOB X RBE member Lul G is to be sentenced to over 20 years in prison over charges of voluntary manslaughter

Lul G, former member of the hip hop group SOB X RBE, is set to receive a sentence of 21-years in prison for the shooting and killing of a man back in 2019.

Lul G, real name George Harris, had originally been charged that year, but pleaded not guilty; however, upon appearing in the Solano County Superior Court, Harris pleaded no defense when faced with a first-degree murder charge and admitted to possessing a gun at the time of the shooting. The rapper is also previously-convicted felon.

Harris managed to avoid conviction on the murder charge, along with what punishments he would receive for already having a felony-charge and having used a firearm. The judge would instead find Harris/Lul G guilty for voluntary manslaughter, declaring that he is to reappear in court to be sentenced to 21-years in prison on May 22.

Formerly a member of SOB X RBE until 2018, Lul G had a solo label deal with Def Jam Recordings. His last album, Yhung N-gga World, released in 2017 and featured collaborations with artists like Mozzy and OMB Peezy.


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