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Ma$e With The Jokes

Ma$e chose to have some light fun on Instagram when he teased Cam'ron on Instagram while the latter was hanging out with Diddy.

Recently reconciled friends Ma$e and Cam'ron had a bit of fun on social media after sharing footage of the latter hanging out with Diddy.

In an Instagram video posted on Wednesday (Apr. 19th) from Ma$e's account, Cam'ron and Diddy are shown linking-up and enjoying themselves, but the caption of the video suggests that Cam'ron may could have been a bit more attentive towards his appearance.

The caption of the posted video reads "@mr_camron i signed off on u going over there but not to have your zipper down...I taught you better than that!!!", with several laughing emojis included.

Cam'ron replied in the comment section simply with "Ayooooooo bro."

Check out the Instagram post here:

Ma$e and Cam'ron's renewed friendship appears to be going strong after the pair reconciled with each other almost a year ago, ending a decades long feud that began in the late 1990s following Ma$e's departure from the rap group Children Of The Corn, which included Cam'ron as well as rappers Big L, Herb McGruff, and the late Bloodshed.

The beef came to an end last August when Ma$e sat down with Gillie Da Kid and Wallo on their podcast Million Dollaz Worth of Game and revealed that he regretted the fallout that occurred between him and Cam.

Not long after that appearance, a video from Ma$e's sister Stason Betha was posted to Instagram depicting the rapper speaking on the phone with Cam and finally burying the hatchet.

Check out the video here:


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