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Maliibu Mitch Pays Homage to NYC and 50 Cent with Explosive 'Wanksta' Freestyle

By: Vanesta CeToute

Just in time for the summer season rapper Maliibu Mitch blesses her fans with her very own version of 50 Cent's ever-so-popular song "Wanksta". Mitch, who's been silent musically for some time, kicks off the freestyle by candidly addressing the reason behind her hiatus. She states,

"Yo, everybody be talking about Maliibu where you at? Maliibu where you been at...b--ch I been locked in a contract for six years. Like f--k outta here, they got me doing a bid, like a b--ch is in jail or something. I woulda been on you b--ches heads like."

Shortly after listeners and viewers hear the rapper start her first verse in her distinct voice, style, and flow.

Engaging with her fans after releasing the freestyle Mitch took to her Instagram stories to answer some fan-related questions. While providing her responses Mitch essentially gave virtual flowers to the fellow women rappers who came before her. She mentioned Foxy Brown when discussing her sound and her love for Nicki Minaj.

When asked why she chose to freestyle over Wanksta her response was simply because 50 Cent is her favorite rapper. To this fan's comment, Maliibu responded, "No real reason... besides 50 being my favorite rapper. It was either wanksta or a 2pac beat."

The rapper also described her relationship with music as somewhat imperfect. Her response to that question was, "I kuld love it more...but it's ppl in this industry I meet & situations I brought into my lyfe that constantly turns me off from music ... but my sister been telling me my tribe is on its way, I just have to continue being hopeful.

It seems as though Mitch has had some trying times throughout her music career and is currently working on making sure things are sorted before she dives back in. For now, click below and watch her Wanksta Freestyle.


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