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Master P vs. Google

Following a mix-up between him and Luther Vandross on Google, Master P has thrown some jabs at the tech-company for the case of mistaken-identity

Master P recently made his feelings regarding the Google search engine mistaking him for Luther Vandross quite-known this past Sunday (July 9th) in a video where he called out the technology-company for the mix-up.

TMZ managed to catch up with P while he was out and about and got a statement from the "Pass Me Da Green" rapper about his feelings on the mistake.

"I know everybody trippin’, and Google thought it was funny, mixing me up — I get it...Stop letting AI run your company. This is the picture-Captain Ace [he then holds up a cereal-box displaying the mascot of cereal created by Master P and Snoop Dogg]-I look more like Captain Ace. I just wonder what they would put for Harvey [referring to TMZ founder Harvey Levin]. Bruce Willis?" P explained.

The case of mistaken-identity was realized by online-users on Thursday (July 6th), who upon searching "Luther Vandross" on Google's search engine, they would be met with a top search-result displaying the New Orleans artist rather than Vandross.

Many would take to social media to tag Google and make the company aware of the issue, with some accusing the business of be racist.

The problem has since been resolved, with users now being provided images of the "Never Too Much" singer upon looking up Vandross' name rather than Master P.


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