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Melly's Mom Has Had It

YNW Melly's mother recently revealed that she endured a heart attack reacting to his son's ongoing murder trial

YNW Melly's capital murder trial is taking quite a toll on his mother, as revealed by her on social media recently.

Jamie King, Melly's mother, posted on her Instagram stories earlier this week that she would be closing the app to avoid trolls accusing her son of murdering his friends Christopher “YNW Juvy” Thomas Jr. and Anthony “YNW Sakchaser” Williams.

"I’m deleting this app I can’t be crying and making myself upset because of a lying clout chaser who won’t even show his face in court but care so much...I had 1 heart attack already because of stress I refuse to let this kill me i try to be peaceful and respectful to all of you. I pray for everyone because I know it’s the right thing to do," King wrote.

Despite King being stressed about her son being in court for murder is not at all unreasonable, whether or not she is being truthful about having a heart attack may open to skepticism; at least, so would her son likely would argue. The "Murder On My Mind" rapper has claimed in the past his mother to be a liar as well as "anxiety issues", and while he has yet to given a reaction regarding his mother possibly having endured a heart attack, he would likely be suspicious of such a reveal.

Throughout the trial Melly has asked fans on social media to watch the trial and pray for him, and those paying attention likely had a bit of a laugh in the moment where his song "Murder On My Mind" was played in the courtroom, despite it not being viable as evidence against the Florida rapper.

YNW Melly's murder trial began last week after four years of preparation and is expected to last until June 20th; if convicted, Melly could face the death penalty for the charges.


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