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Migos Members Get Heated

Quavo and Offset allegedly engaged in a physical confrontation backstage at the Grammys before the former performed his tribute to the Takeoff

According to a report by TMZ (, Migos members Offset and Quavo got into a fight before the latter of the two got onstage to perform "Without You" as part of a heartfelt tribute to their fellow late-member Takeoff. The pair engaged in a physical confrontation that lead to them needing to be pulled apart, though what specifically incited the fight is unclear. Allegedly Offset was asked to also perform the tribute at the Grammys by the Recording Academy, but Quavo refused to collaborate. Quavo also reportedly blocked Offset from getting on stage, potentially leading to the scuffle.

The Migos trio were in a notable feud preceding Takeoff's death, in which he and Quavo distanced themselves from Offset due to accusations of a lack of loyalty, particularly following the artist and his romantic partner Cardi B unfollowing Quavo and Takeoff on Instagram after the release of the duo's single "Hotel Lobby". A breakup of the group was never officially announced, and until last night's alleged-confrontation, both Quavo and Offset appeared to be amicable to each other following the loss of Takeoff.


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