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Minaj & Miami Beefin'???

Nicki Minaj and Yung Miami appear to going at it over the the origins of a catchphrase after the latter shared a preview from her show

Fans of Nicki Minaj and Yung Miami may be rather confused as to whether or not the recent Twitter exchanges between the two were an instance of some social media fighting or just some lighting jabbing.

The interactions began when Miami tweeted out a preview of the newest episode of her show Caresha Please featuring Summer Walker, in which the former states "Let's get into something, chile!". The use of the phrase caught Minaj's attention, who took to Twitter to claim that it initially her catchphrase from her show Queen Radio and that the Trinidadian rapper does not appreciate it being used, even tagging Diddy in her post.

Miami, seeing her post quote-tweeted by Minaj, argued that the catchphrase actually is "gay-slang". Minaj, disagreeing, tagged Diddy in another tweet to claim that she would contact him to clear up the situation, unless Miami agreed to appear on Queen Radio. Minaj also posited a question to her followers with a poll asking if it what Caresha was claiming was true.

Miami , quote-tweeting the poll, then called on Minaj to bring her on to her show, declaring "I'm ready when you are Ms. B*tch". Th

Minaj then replied with a quote-tweet that appeared to humorously-accept Miami's demand to come on to Queen Radio, which was then followed-up with Miami poking fun at Nicki's use of "desperately". The Twitter-exchange between the two then seemed to have ceased

Whether or not these online-argument was a display of passive-aggressiveness or just two people engaging in some fun banter is not totally clear, but given Nicki Minaj at a one time expressing her disinterest in collaborating with the City Girls duo in the past (comprised of Yung Miami and JT) due to their critical comments of her online, some distaste towards the pair may still be present.

Minaj eventually broke bread with JT, but her relationship with Yung Miami may still be up in the air.


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