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Missy Elliott Pays Tribute To Aaliyah

Missy Elliott continuously pays her respect to Aaliyah.

Artist Missy Elliott gives late artist and friend Aaliyah her flowers in honor of her birthday this week. As of this year artist Aaliyah would've turned 44 years old on January 16th. Despite her being gone for over 20 years, Missy as well as her fans still celebrated her birthday till this day. This year on the artist birthday Missy takes to twitter to pay tribute to Aaliyah noting her legacy's impact still remains.

“You will forever be the BLUEPRINT of what it means to STEP OUTSIDE the box MUSICALLY & creating NEW style in FASHION & a NATURAL at acting & being GREAT at them all The World will always feel your IMPACT & LOVE you shared 4ever,” Missy wrote pairing it with a picture of Aaliyah smiling.


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