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Missy Speaks Up For The Ladies

Missy Elliot shares her thoughts on female rap artists deserving more recognition and appreciation for their work in the genre in an interview with Forbes

Missy Elliot, well-recognized in the rap genre and music industry as a whole for works like Supa Dupa Fly (1997), Da Real World (1999), and Under Construction (2002), recently emphasized the need for other female rap and hip hop artists of her time to get their flowers. In an interview with Forbes magazine (, the rap legend spoke of female rap artists of the past deserving appreciation for their contributions, especially by the newcomers to the industry that viewed those women as inspirations.

"Women have played a big part in what we call Hip Hop in this culture...They have kicked down the doors for all the women you see today in 2023," she proclaimed. "Even if the women that are out now may not be familiar with all of their records, they have to know that these women are the reason they’re able to be on many of these platforms."

Multiple artists were mentioned as inspirations to Elliot, such as Salt-N-Pepa, whom she credited as the reason behind her wanting to be an MC as well as wishing to engage in rap. Mary J. Blige, Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, and Diddy were others mentioned as idols to Elliot that contributed to her identity as a musical artist.

Missy Elliot has been quite busy for the past few years, having taken the stage at the 2023 Grammys for the 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop Celebration (also receiving a Global Impact Award at the event), receiving a nomination for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and most recently appearing in a Doritos Super Bowl advertisement alongside Jack Harlow. Needless to say, Missy Elliot is certainly one of those artists deserving of the recognition she spoke of.


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