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Mozzy Almost Behind Bars Again

Mozzy has been detained by police following a shooting at a concert afterparty that left several injured

Mere months after leaving prison early, Mozzy has had a brush with the law once again; this time in regards to a shooting that occurred at a concert afterparty of his.

This past Saturday (July 1st) in Wichita, Kansas, shots were fired at the City Nightz nightclub as patrons enjoyed the afterparty for the concert Mozzy had performed earlier. Seven people were injured and taken to local hospitals, ages ranging from around 21-34.

According to reporting by TMZ, Mozzy was detained by police at a traffic stop following their arrival to the scene of the incident; however, the rapper was later released after questioning and recieved no charges. A member of Mozzy's entourage, however, is reportedly under suspicion for being a shooter, as law enforcement believes that multiple-triggermen were present at the nightclub.

Mozzy being arrested for such an incident would be rather ironic considering his recent release from prison after receiving federal gun-charges and serving 10 months behind bars, as well as paying a $55k fine. The "10 Percent" rapper must feel rather relieved for avoiding jail or prison so soon after having already served time.


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