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Mr. Mef Not Bingin' This One

On Kevin Hart's podcast, Method Man explained his reasoning for having not watched a single episode of the Hulu series Wu-Tang: An American Saga

This may be one show that Mr. Mef will not binge-watching anytime soon.

When Method Man appeared on Kevin Hart's Golden Minds podcast, the former Wu-Tang member delved into what was stopping him from checking out the Hulu show based on him and the iconic rap-group.

"So to see this come to fruition on screen, it was a no-brainer for me knowing how RZA works. In the beginning, it was like, ‘Wow, they’re taking a lot of liberties here with the story.’ In hindsight, knowing how some of these things work, and embellishments and sometimes dudes still be having open cases and shit so I could understand," Method explained.

Continuing: "I haven’t watched an episode, personally, but I get the scripts ahead of time. Everything ain’t for everybody, that’s all I could say...I did not want to mess with their process. These people get paid to do these things — I mean you’re talking about Hulu and Imagine. Imagine, Brian Grazer. Sometimes you gotta step back and keep your opinions to yourself."

Check out a clip of the podcast interview here:

Celebrity artists openly declaring themselves content with their stories being altered in the name of creative liberties feels to be somewhat of a rarity, which is not unreasonable given the effects films and shows can have on people's perceptions.

If Method has not been insulted so far with the direction taken in the Wu-Tang series, then perhaps the show could serve as one of the few examples of a biopic-style project telling a story well while actually keeping the minds of the people who's story is being told at ease.


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