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New Album On The Way???

Frank Oceans appears to drop hints a new music potentially releasing soon

The Louisiana-raised artist Frank Ocean, known for his alternative R&B and soul style of music, has left fans in speculation after recent merch drop. Ocean rereleased his acclaimed-album Blonde in December, which came with a foldout poster that tells a story of recording artist maneuvering through the music industry, based somewhat on Ocean's own life as an artist. In the tale, the artist wishes to only put out singles rather than albums, believing that manner of releasing music to be appropiate to "modern consumption habits",; this attitude would change, however, changed after the pandemic set itself on the world, leading the artist to be "interested in more durational bodies of work."

Fans have since expressed great excitement over the prospect of a new Frank Ocean album, however these sentiments are of course based only on the potential of a new album rather than any concrete news; which, as of late, has not been provided by Ocean. The last update on the artist's album was back in September of 2021, in which news came in of Ocean shopping around his next project to a number of distribution labels and experiencing progress. Hype for Frank Ocean can only be even higher given the news of the hit singer headlining this year's Coachella in Indio, California alongside artists like Metro Boomin and GloRilla. Ocean will be closing out the music festival, which begins April 16th and ends the 23rd.


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