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New Revelations Between Convicted R&B Artist And Late Star

Several NDAs from R. Kelly were issued against Aaliyah and her family after their short-lived marriage and annulment in 1995

The Lifetime docu-series Surviving R. Kelly: The Final Chapter recently revealed that convicted child predator and former R&B artist R. Kelly had several NDAs with the deceased hit artist Aaliyah and her family. These agreements came in response to the Kelly and Aaliyah having a secret illegal marriage in 1994 in which the former forged documents to make the late singer appear as 18-years-old when she was actually 15. Aaliyah's family had the marriage annulled months later upon finding out of its existence. To prevent any legal action against him from the enraged family, Kelly had them sign NDAs in exchange for financial rights towards his initial three albums.

The non-disclosure agreements between Kelly and Aaliyah's family were used against the charged R&B singer in the federal trial against him. R. Kelly is currently serving his 30-year sentence in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago after being convicted on one count of racketeering and eight violations of the Mann Act.


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