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Nipsey's Daughter Caught In The Middle Of Guardianship Battle

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

The guardianship over the daughter of Nipsey Hussle is in contention between his family and the girl's mother

The guardianship of Hussle's daughter has been a nearly five-year long disagreement between the girl's mother, Tanisha Foster, and the family of the late artist.

The contention over the matter spans back to 2019, not long after Hussle's death, in which his family -comprised of his mother, brother, and sister- accused Foster of being unfit to care for Emani, Hussle's daughter, due to the mother's history of drug and alcohol-abuse.

According to RadarOnline's reporting (, Foster responded by accusing the family going back on their promises to care for Emani when the mother was unable to, with Foster's lawyers claiming that her reasoning to have her and Nipsey's child in the family's care was based on "recognition of her own financial limitations."

The opposing-parties met once in 2020 in an attempt mediate over the situation and come to some kind of agreement, but this was to no avail. Foster and Nipsey's immediate-family are to meet in a Los Angeles Superior Court on Apr. 27 to settle the matter.


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